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Archive for June, 2008

Mangosteen – The Queen of Fruits is now available!

The majestic mangosteen, a delicious, southeast-Asian fruit, has had a difficult time in the US, and undeservedly so. Anyone who’s been to Thailand or Malaysia has undoubtedly fallen in love with this plum-sized fruit. But when we come back Stateside, we could only find them canned or frozen. The succulent, white flesh of this fruit […]

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Lychees are now in season

Starting a bit early this year, lychees are now in season.  The lychee (pronounced “lee-chee”) is a fruit originating in southern China, but is now found throughout the world in sub-tropical climates.  Most people are familiar with them from Chinese restaurants, where the soggy fruit is served from a can, and is swimming in heavy […]

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Lizano Salsa has arrived!

After almost a year, we have finally been able to get some Lizano Salsa back in stock. Multiple importation issues have made this sauce very hard to find anywhere in the United States. However, we managed to secure a small supply, and right before the start of the hurricane season too! Costa Rica, where Lizano […]

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