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Archive for August, 2012

Congratulations to Jonathan Hernandez!

Jonathan Hernandez has won the latest Talin World Chef challenge!  His winning recipe, “Not Your Average Cheese Bites” combines sweet and savory flavors in a new way.  It’s even got fresh, homemade cheese! Packed inside each fried nugget is a sweet and fruity cheese center.  Enjoy! Not Your Average Cheese Bites by Jonathan Hernandez Golden […]

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Talin World Chef Competition #7

Our 7th and final Talin World Chef competition is now underway! We’ve had many great entries and love how the dishes have been so creative. Now it’s time to let you loose!  Your final task is to create either a dessert, appetizer, or main dish with the following ingredients: Japanese medium-grain rice (or Miracle Rice […]

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Talin World Chef Jonathan Hernandez!

Congratulations to Jonathan Hernandez!  His recipe below, Campfire Passion, won our 5th Talin World Chef competition!  Thanks to all the participants for their delicious desserts! You can try Campfire Passion at home to judge for yourself! Campfire Passion by Jonathan Hernandez Serves 6 Passion Fruit Batter ¼ Cup Butter ¼ Cup Rice Syrup 1 Egg […]

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