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December 3, 2013
Posted by talin

Give Yourself the Gift of Savings While Helping Those in Need

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Supporting local cultural events and communities has been one of our passions.  However, in keeping with the international nature of our customers and products, we also recognize communities on national and global scales.

The recent devastation from powerful storms in America’s Mid-West and Southeast Asia have had far-reaching impacts on those of us here in New Mexico.  Many of our customers and employees have had direct hardships as a result, and in some cases, losing homes and loved ones.  These recent storms are reminders that thinking “local” can often mean looking further than we originally thought.

Talin Market will be making donations to The American Red Cross and The Filipino-American Foundation of New Mexico, FAFNM for the disaster relief efforts at home and abroad.

We have chosen FAFNM because they are a 20 year-old, local, 501(c)3 non-profit organization committed to using 100% of donations to helping the immediate families of local people who have suffered hardships as a result of Typoon Haiyan, as well as aiding other charities in the Philipines.  You may visit their website at or www.facebook/FAFNM for more details on how the funds will be distributed.  Their 0% administrative overhead and the immediate impact that FAFNM will have in helping the families of local people rebuild their lives has been decisive factors in us choosing this organization.

How does this benefit you? Let’s count the ways!

  1. You get to save money while also doing your Christmas shopping for yourself or for your loved ones!
  2. We’re having a trunk sale! December 4-8 for Albuquerque, and December 11-15 for Santa Fe, get 25% off all items from our Nia & Company gift shop, and we’ll donate the proceeds for that two-week period to FAFNM and the Red Cross.
  3. All the proceeds we make on December 9 for both Albuquerque and Santa Fe stores will be donated to FAFNM. We will have additional items on sale this day to help you save money.  You can make a difference just by purchasing groceries that you already were going to buy anyway!
  4. We will have additional items on sale in our Santa Fe store December 11-15.  Proceeds from the sale of those items will go directly to helping Talin employees whose immediate families have lost their homes.  They’ll be forever grateful for your support by helping them rebuild their homes and their lives.

The Earth is not as big as we think it is, and by you supporting Talin Market, your local, international grocer, you’re also supporting your local community!

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  1. Waylon - May 18th, 2014 at 8:47 am

    World food fare seriously?!.

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