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June 21, 2008
Posted by talin

Mangosteen – The Queen of Fruits is now available!

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MangosteenThe majestic mangosteen, a delicious, southeast-Asian fruit, has had a difficult time in the US, and undeservedly so. Anyone who’s been to Thailand or Malaysia has undoubtedly fallen in love with this plum-sized fruit. But when we come back Stateside, we could only find them canned or frozen. The succulent, white flesh of this fruit just doesn’t taste the same if it’s not fresh. And it’s not very feasible to travel to Thailand just to eat mangosteen. The US government is very strict on what fresh produce can enter the country. Some have tried to bring some back for friends, but anyone who tried to sneak some in from their last trip to Asia would put themselves at risk with customs.

So, what’s changed? You no longer have to feel like an ivory smuggler to enjoy the mangosteen! Within the last few years, the US government has allowed irradiation as a treatment for produce. Now, before you start thinking that you’ll soon be a live-action stand-in for the Incredible Hulk, let’s dispel a myth about irradiated food.

The US has banned a number of fruits and vegetables from importation because of fears of fruit flies and other pests that can cause havoc to the fertile growing regions such as California and Florida. Some ways to treat produce are to use hot water, fumigation, or pesticides, which have their own benefits and drawbacks. However, recently, the FDA has allowed irradiation as a way to fight these pests. Think of it as a high-tech alternative to pasteurization. The Europeans have been using irradiation for years. The food is still safe to eat, but most of the harmful organisms that were on or in it, don’t survive the irradiation process. That means no fruit flies and less spoiled fruit.

So what does that mean for mangosteens? It means that we can eat them fresh in America! Unlike most products that come from overseas, the mangosteens are shipped by air, not by sea. This means that the fruit is in transit only for a day or two, instead of the normal week or two. The Queen of Fruits definitely deserves first-class treatment!

Still not convinced that you should rush on over to Talin Market and get some of these precious fruits? Check out this video from The New York Times on Mangosteen. Is the sweet and tangy flavor of mangosteen as seductively appealing as they make it out to be? When was the last time someone pined so passionately for the mighty apple? Yeah, Adam and Eve was a long time ago, wasn’t it?

The NYT story says that you should be able to find mangosteens for about $10/lb. Talin Market’s everyday low price is only $6.95/lb, more than 80% less than what they were going for just last year! How great is that?

Mangosteens are going faster than a Nintendo Wii, and we receive only a limited supply every week to ensure that they’re as fresh as they can be. If you don’t see any in the store, then you’ll just have to camp out for the next shipment. The line starts just outside the door. :-)

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