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Free Thai Cooking Classes!

We are excited to announce a collaboration with the Royal Thai Government to provide all of our customers a unique opportunity to experience Thai cuisine! Dec 1-4, we will be hosting a series of free cooking classes, featuring San Francisco Chef Chai Siriyarn.  It’s such a treat to have an acclaimed instructor as Chef Siriyarn […]

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Recipe: Mojo Roast Pork

The weather’s getting colder, and the holidays are quickly approaching.  What would be better than some great comfort food to keep you warm? The Caribbean is home to many great flavors.  This recipe uses Mojo Criollo, the quintessential seasoning for roast pork.  The mixture of spices goes great as a marinade as well as a […]

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Recipe: Boiled Yuca with Garlic and Lemon Juice

This classic dish is the Cuban and Puerto Rican equivalent of mashed potatoes and gravy.  Yuca is a common tropical root that we know better as cassava or tapioca.  Yes, the same tapioca in boba and tapioca pudding. This recipe’s so simple to prepare, you may find yourself making it quite often.  It is literally […]

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Lizano Salsa has arrived!

After almost a year, we have finally been able to get some Lizano Salsa back in stock. Multiple importation issues have made this sauce very hard to find anywhere in the United States. However, we managed to secure a small supply, and right before the start of the hurricane season too! Costa Rica, where Lizano […]

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