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March 2, 2009
Posted by talin

Vote, vote, vote!

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Ok, we don’t normally do this, but this year, it’s more important than ever to ask for your support of locally-owned businesses!

Please vote for us and your other favorite local shops, restaurants, and hangouts in the Alibi’s Best of Burque.  No, we’re not vying for an Academy Award, but every bit of love that you show for local businesses is more exposure to help us compete with the big, nation-wide chains.

Why support local?  For any number of reasons, but here are some for you to ponder:

  • Your money stays in NM.  National chains ship their profits to out-of-state headquarters.
  • We reinvest in our businesses and in our communities.  Keeping more money here helps create more opportunity and benefits for the locals.  Instead of just saying that we donate X dollars to a school, we actively participate in building and strenghtening communities.  After all, it was your support that allowed us to build the new Talin Market!  Now we play an active role by working with the neighborhoods in making Albuquerque’s Southeast Heights, the new International District, a destination for all New Mexicans to enjoy.
  • Local businesses provide variety.  What’s the point in enjoying a new city, or taking pride in your own, if it’s the same as every other one out here?

Help promote local businesses in the Alibi’s Best of Burque 2009 voting!  Vote for Talin Market as your favorite Specialty Market, and all of the great local restaurants, bars, and shops!

Vote for us!! Alibi Best of Burque

Vote for us!! Alibi's Best of Burque

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